Miss Brandee (texaspinupgrl) wrote in xpictureperfect,
Miss Brandee


Hello all... I am Brandee and I am new here. I love photography it is a huge passion of mine. I also enjoy fucking around with photoshop/paintshop. I am not sure if I am any good at it, but it keeps my mind busy. I am 27 years old (with a birthday coming up May 2nd). I live in Texas, obviously. I love girls... looking at them, touching them, kissing them... you get the idea. ;)

Here are a few pics of me that I played around with in photoshop.

Penguins are cute. They look like they are all dressed up. I wanna get dressed up so I can walk beside a penguin.
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Welcome. And nice pictures. I think you are beautiful. I really like the third picture.
Thank you much!
awsome pix, ur reeally pretty ::is very jealous:: lol
Thanks much!
jw do u make ur clothes if not where do you get them mainly the dresses) very cool
Thanks! The dress was actually my wedding dress. ;) The rest of the clothes I get from all over. The boots.... Canada... you see.
Yay! I looooove that you've done with these.. Welcome!

But (one last thing. I make everyone do this), where's my penguin story, huh?!?!?!!?! *points at bottom of rules*
Ok did it. *giggles*
Heehee. :) *goes to read it*
pretty! welcome
Thank you :)
no problem :) love the icon!
Hey, Welcome.
Thank ya!